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    March 21, 2013
    2:00 - 2:30pm PDT  

>> after we have some time to talk with residents and district 4 and get their compute about what they said to see for
districts 4 and if i've learned anything i've learned that the residents do appreciate that the leadership that supervisor chu as done it continues to be very stock exchange felt from any people from sunset inin her side it's incredible how that very large neighborhood has really appreciated the work and in that conversation i had a very distinct strong push that con nut was important to the residents and the business in district 4. that they felt there was so much that the city had begin throw in past years that they not only welcomed with carmen had define by certainly understood the team
help helper legislatively and helped her communicate among the strifrz i want to thank and all the elected officials and appointees and department head want to thank their they have a member of the team that would present that very strong can you think nut for the district parking garage as i said earlier i spent the last few weeks talking are residents, having not only coffee but i number of different appointment and talked about with people which are interested in the position as well and i came to the conclusion that we have one of the finest, smartest legislative aids that knows city hall and
the board and having a history of the previous administration in the office of public finance has understood and helped supervisor chugging work budgets and help create the plan to establish the two year budget but also helped talk through the district and the rest of the board members and understanding deeply what our budget concerns are and on the district side truly representing the interests of this district and all it's diverse views i want to introduce katie.
katie has lived in the district since they was one years old that might have been 13 years ago. you will note and i'm sure it will be part of the stories she's pretty much the same age that carmen was when they were appropriated by her parents have lived in want district as well sea she's been not only a resident there but someone who has been more than interested in the districts representing ail the issues. she's a graduate of lowell high school. both my daughters are about the
same time graduating in that fantastic school. she was an distinction of going to uc davis and obviously, some strong intellect. i have no double it katie willful fill those incredible responsibilities and representing everybody. she has been literally every corner and again, the residents there has continued to say can we have continuity we don't want people mirandize in political
name-calling or disputes but really the board has been demonstrating over and over again, they want the same thing representing district 4 something they felt obviously very strong about and katie has been implemented that kind of plan reflect active of that but as importantly someone who knows already the workings of city hall can be on the ground running. as we all know there's an election that has to be conducted and part of the conversation is how can we mayor someone could balance all these things at the same time and get things done on the agenda
whether it's getting the nice park work done there are all those different things we want to see completed. i i know we're going to have a great colleague especially with the comments i've heard from the rest of the board members they feel happy with the choice as well. they know how katie has communicated with them and their aids and certainly katie has had that great collaboration already with our key agencies in the cities. and with that i'll introduce our appointee we'll swear in tomorrow and swearing in carmen as well as to her new post.
may i please introduce katie. (clapping) >> well good morning, everyone i guess the suspense is over now. i want to thank everyone the community members and the members of the board standing behind me, my parents my partner justin and especially i want to thank mayor lee to give me this incredible opportunity so thank you, mayor lee. i also have to be political honest this is a very
bittersweet opportunity for me, i'm so happy to be on the board of supervisors but on the other hand, i'm incredible sad to see supervisor chu leave as my supervisor. you have to separate our personal life from your work life. work is very personal. when i first started working in district 4 parents wanted to rebuild the play ground. when the pool reopened in 2009 with its beautiful modern design i felt jealous because that's where i spent my swimming time.
when i go to my parents' house and i look outside their living room room i think wow. that's the biggest project right i wasf
what a supervisor should be. somebody who is always approaches every issue in a thought ofly manner and someone who even if you are in disagreement with they still respect i. i have big heels to fill. and toy for your serve and we're happy to have you carmen and finally i'm incredible grave to have worked alongside this wonderful lady.
yep tomato i didn't brought in hard work and a killer sense of humor to the office. and most of all she cares about the district and also is thinking how to improve that >> so with that i'm excited to continue to working with the members of the board and the mayor to move our great city forward. thank you >> so we have two moments to ask any questions of people otherwise we can go and get the work of the city done.
thank you.
thank you >> i'd like to remind the people in the back to turn off any mobile devise. commissioners we left off but two items have been left off of consent. case 4416th street >> commissioner if i may i'd like to introduce you to jess
can cook she's a in planning she focuses on street escape designs. she was previously with the city of oakland and she has a b.a. from the state and a marks b.a. >> good afternoon i'm with the department staff. the case before you is for existing a restaurants doing business as a liquor eating establishment as defined in
section. the project sponsor intend to serve own site beer and wine only. it didn't include any external alterations. the processed non-conformal use can be established because it's located within is quarter of a mile in the upper market street. the department is not aware of any opposition to or for the project. it recommends as the restaurants complies with the planning code and is consistent with the general plans. i will now list some issues. the property is a loimentd
corner commercial use and it's within the rh zoning district. again, the restaurants will seek a permit for the sale of beer and wine only. it will be subject to the conditions of approval for eating and drinking establishment. and the hours of operation from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. again, the department recommends the approval the project and it's because the restaurants will allow the business to provide goods and services to this neighborhood. it meets all the